Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Do I have vested interests / work for BT, etc?

Predictably my earlier writing has caused me to be on the receiving end of a few queries regarding my impartiality.

These are easily answered in one hit.

Do I work for BT?


Have I ever worked for BT?


Do I work for a competitor or partner of BT?


Have I had any involvement with BT?

Yes. As a customer, Openreach deliver the line to my home, and as part of the Fibre for Middleton superfast broadband campaign.

However I also did much the same with Virgin Media even though I personally couldn't benefit.

So what's in it for me?

More what's not in it for me. I am utterly convinced, and there is copious amounts of evidence, to suggest that if Ofcom decide BT Group should divest Openreach there will be a political and legal, err, 'excrement storm' which means the chances of us, our immediate community, and many others of getting ultrafast broadband this side of 2020 go from possible to zero.

I have no idea whether this area is on the list to receive the upgrade or even if there is a list yet, however structural separation ensures there won't be a list for years.

Platitudes about competition won't deliver smooth 4k video alongside other Internet usage simultaneously to this or any other household; and FoD 2 will.


  1. Sorry, denials which still don't come across as sincere. That's presumably why you're making them; in the hope of allaying those suspicions.

    Could there be an arm's length arrangement of remuneration here? One that technically allows you to say truthfully "I don't work for BT"?

    While working as a plausibly deniable cut-out for one of BT's many PR operations? Some working 'off-book' because of the controversial ("black propaganda") nature of their work?

    We can draw a parallel here with the US Department of Defense. The DoD has employed covert operatives from huge PR outfit Hill & Knowlton, to pump out wholly untruthful military propaganda in the lead up to Operation Desert Storm; the objective to 'sell the war' on behalf of the Pentagon. When rumbled the Pentagon, while admitting it had employed H&L, denied any authorization of its black propaganda.

    Often the case, Astro-Turfing is done to attract the attention of the company itself. Sycophancy with a view to securing future employment in that business. We see that repeatedly in Westminster and Whitehall. Dodgy backroom deals ("gentlemen's agreements") between MPs and Big Business. The MPs promised seats in the future on those companies' boards, in return for pulling levers for Big Business while in public office.

    Sorry, Carl / ignitionnet - we're still not sold on your sincerity.

    Not least because you've literally spent years waving the flag for BT, while ambushing every one of its notable rivals. Not least those tiddle not-for-profit altnets, like B4RN!

    That's why, despite your protestations to the contrary, you continue to fail the sniff test.

    1. No idea who 'we' are, tends to bring me visions of the Borg, but whoever 'we' are believe what you will.

      The blog was more convenient than spending the time answering the baseless insinuations independently :)

  2. If you take away all the letters in "Carl Ignitionnet" add some more and jumble them all up in a certain order it spells "British Telecom". Fact!

  3. Keep fighting the good fight. Stay cool, sir.

    1. The fact that the people making these comments are doing so anonymously says way more about them than I could. Thank you.

    2. ....and anyone that hears me laugh and comments on what's funny when I read this dialogue just confirms to me I'm still alive, and at my age that's always a bonus! Do you attract fly's during the summer Carl as well as you seem to inadvertently attract these insect intellects? ;)