Monday, 9 January 2017

Complete Commercial Confidentiality Companies

Following on from my post in May of last year, sadly there are still zero properties on the estate that can order. A small development is that the Virgin Media availability and planning checker doesn't work for these postcodes where it previously did. That's progress I guess, right?

 Having asked the CEO's office for an update I seem to have received more questions than answers, with the strong implication being that VM themselves don't know what's going on. Mental note: don't sing the praises of companies until they actually deliver.

 Might go into more details later, depending on how much more substantial the next update, if any, is. Hopefully be a bit more to it than pleading commercial confidentiality and asking for information that had already been provided. A simple 'Be patient, we'll get to it later.' would be better than I have now, although perhaps wouldn't amuse those whose pavements were being dug up 10 months ago and are still yet to see any benefit.

If anyone from VM is reading, I've no idea what the references for the bits that have already been built is, but NBU 28973 is a good place to start.

Addendum 2 hours after writing: Just received another email from the CEO's office apologising for the late response and inviting me to put my postcode into CableMyStreet and register my interest. I'm not sure which email of mine this was in response to but the checker is broken for every postcode on the estate. Stated this initially.

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