Thursday, 16 March 2017

So tired, tired of waiting

The below is from a forum post written to reassure that everyone is in the same boat with regards to Virgin Media's expansion, no-one has any idea what's going on, least of all Virgin Media it seems.

Right I just wanted to update the community in case anyone thought I was getting preferential treatment - I had some contact with VM around the time of my posting here, so January of this year.

A part of the local area that already had ducting was made live, as was discussed. Triple play was indeed available in the area that same week.

Just one minor problem: telephony isn't actually available here yet, so all those who ordered it had it removed from their package, in some cases meaning they were being asked to pay more for TV and broadband than for triple-play.

Next: An aspirational date for some additional homes to be ready by the end of February was mentioned. We're half-way through March and absolutely nothing visible has happened to progress this. In fact, going by the dates that roadworks are being booked for in neighbouring districts it's perfectly feasible that no work will start until at least June with no additional availability of services until July.

So just missing that 'hoped for' availability by the end of February marginally.

I have no idea what's going on with either of those issues as those in VM who may actually know what's going on haven't responded to me since January. I use the word 'may' as I'm not especially confident that anyone has any idea what's going on.

I have no doubt that the member of staff who gave me the information did so in entirely good faith, although I'm not so sure about a couple of months of mushroom treatment.

Anyway: those unable to get information or being provided incorrect information don't get too disheartened. Even going pretty much right to the top and pulling every string available as a former member of staff doesn't help. It seems quite literally no-one has any idea what's going on on the ground with regards to Project Lightning, or if they do they don't talk to the rest of the business let alone to us mere mortals.

It's nothing personal. Don't mistake non-existent or simply wrong internal and external communication for anything malicious.


In other news after sitting waiting for a few months to order a second line to improve connectivity to this property for small business use to augment the existing FTTC connection I've finally gotten the hint that VM don't appear to know hindmost from cubitus so have ordered an alternative solution.

Definitely seems more than 2 years ago when I was meeting with VM at the local council's offices being invited to join trials, with a second ducted connection to the property for a fibre overlay being mooted.

What a mug allowing myself to be used liaising with the community and deflecting criticism.

For all their faults at least BT did what they said they would when they said they would, and managed upgrades to provide additional capacity to the area.

Here the Leeds South hub is stuck on the old platform leaving a number of nodes congested after being due for upgrade in mid-2016, then November 2016, now March 2017 though I've no idea why anyone would take that seriously.

Wish I could be so cavalier with promises, so indifferent to timelines, and then go silent on a whim in either my day job or with my business.

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